A Community Exclusively for INFJs.

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Connect with INFJs. It's so difficult to run across people with the rarest personality type in our everyday lives. But here, in INFJ Community, you'll find a whole bunch of us all in one place. We're here to learn about each other and ourselves, to share our experiences, related to each other and find that acceptance and understanding that we all long for!


Part of being an INFJ is that constant thirst for knowledge. We are always looking to learn more about ourselves and improve our situation. In the INFJ Community you'll find likeminded people who are more than willing to help you on your journey!


Included in the community are a vast amount of resources to help you learn about yourself and others. There are monthly coaching sessions to help you learn about yourself and the things that bother you the most. There are also courses offered in the community to increase your knowledge about specific topics such as finding your purpose and self-love.

Meet Sarah.

The founder of INFJ Community & INFJ Woman, Sarah is dedicated to the wellness of each and every INFJ who she meets. Sarah started INFJ Woman in 2018 to be a place of community and connection for all INFJs.

Sarah founded INFJ Community in 2020 as a way to take that community and connection to a much deeper level.

When Sarah isn't writing blog posts for INFJ Woman or recording podcast episodes for her podcast, The Quiet Ones, she's at home in Boston, MA working on her own personal development and wellness.